Our Story

We Clean Bins our name says it all!

We Clean Bins is a locally owned and operated business that was established in 2013 – driven by our awareness of bin hygiene and the planned move to the “3 bin system” where the additional green bin will handle all organic material - see FAQ for further details on this.

Located in Albury, NSW and Wodonga, Victoria,
Clean Bins
offers professional wheelie bin cleaning services to homes and businesses throughout North East Victoria and Southern NSW. We can clean bins for home owners, tenants, institutions, commercial and industrial businesses, health care providers – anyone with a 120L, 240L or 360L Wheelie bin or a 660L 4 wheel Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB).

We Clean Bins You don’t have to go to this extreme to clean your bins!

We Are Environmentally Friendly

If you have ever tried to clean a wheelie bin, you will know that it can take a lot of water. It is also not pleasant to have your head halfway into a wheelie bin to try and reach the bottom!

We Clean Bins use a specialised, self-contained vehicle. We bring our water to your premises, we recycle the cleaning water and dispose of contaminated water in an environmentally responsible and approved manner.

We protect the environment by only using environmentally safe products that are child and pet friendly and by preventing contaminated water from entering drains and waterways.

We work with Councils and Waste Collection companies

We aim to work cooperatively with organisations involved in the waste management process and while Councils cannot promote commercial enterprises, they have endorsed the concepts of bin cleaning and see this as something that supports community health.

In some areas, the Waste Collection company owns the wheelie bins provided to residents, and these companies have also expressed their support for our business which cares for bins.

Service Area

We Clean Bins currently services residents and businesses throughout the Albury and Wodonga council regions, incorporating suburbs with postcodes ranging from 2640, 2641, 2642, 3689, 3690, 3691.

Our business is expanding and if you are not in one of these areas, please let us know so we can include you in our service ASAP!

Please use our Bookings page or phone us on 1300 922 111 to make a booking.


Foot Operated Lid Lifter

Have you ever had both arms full and needed to open the wheelie bin lid? Now you can!
This bin accessory attaches to your wheelie bin and allows you to open the lid simply by pressing the pedal with your foot.

Supply and installation of foot pedals $25.00