Frequently Asked Questions

  • To provide a healthier and more hygienic environment for yourself, family, friends and employees. We help eliminate odours and disease carrying bacteria and pests.

  • Yes, we totally clean the whole bin including handles, lids, wheels and the underneath.

  • It is entirely up to you. Most of our residential clients find a monthly service sufficient however commercial clients and some residential clients may find a more regular service beneficial. We will clean the bin as often as you require. Commercial wheelie bin cleaning requirements will depend upon the types of material disposed of – please contact us to tailor a cleaning program for you.

  • No. Our operators will arrive on the same day your bin is emptied. We clean it and return it upright to the kerb. Our bin cleaning units also carry their own water and power supply.

  • Not only will your bin look better it will also smell a lot fresher! If you’re not fully satisfied with the cleanliness of your bin, simply let us know and we’ll clean it again. We’ll also place a paper seal on your bin so you know we have cleaned your bin.

  • No. If we can’t clean your bin for whatever reason, you won’t be charged. In most cases we simply re-schedule or add another clean onto the end of your plan.

  • No. We want our service to be easy to use, so once you advise us which bins you want cleaned, what cleaning cycle you would like and you have paid the appropriate fee, we will commence cleaning your bins! We take great pride in our customer service, so if for any reason you are not satisfied please let us know.

  • Payment options include BPAY, Credit Card or direct payment at any National Bank branch. See our “Payments” page for details.

  • No problems – we’ll simply carry your balance over to your new address. If you move outside our wheelie bin cleaning area we will refund the difference based on cleans provided against cleans purchased.

  • Yes – we hold all pre-payments in a separate bank account and only draw this money when we actually deliver our cleaning service. 

  • We are registered for GST and will issue a GST invoice if requested..

  • Our best value cleaning is achieved with regular cleans – A 12 month cleaning plan for 4 weekly cleans is optimal. However, if you want a shorter term or less frequent cleans, we can still clean your bin! Single bin cleans are also available – see our “Pricing” page. “Pricing”

  • Virtually all water used to clean bins is captured within our specialised vehicle. Water is screened and filtered, then recycled to clean more bins. When the water becomes too contaminated, it is disposed of via licenced trade waste arrangements and is not allowed to enter the stormwater system or our waterways.

  • Yes – we are a professional company and hold workers compensation insurance, public liability insurance, product liability insurance and full motor vehicle insurance.

  • Albury, Wodonga, Indigo and Corowa councils have advised they will be adopting a new “3 bin” system in the near future. This change was planned for implementation late in 2013 however we understand a revised date has been adopted and this change should be implemented in February 2014. In essence, every household will keep their Red and Yellow bins, but will also receive a Green bin that will be collected every week and this bin will be used for all organic material. Organic material is easily defined as anything that was once alive, so includes lawn clippings, pruning’s, dog droppings, food scraps, meat, contaminated cardboard etc. Further details can be found on the Albury City Council website.


Foot Operated Lid Lifter

Have you ever had both arms full and needed to open the wheelie bin lid? Now you can!
This bin accessory attaches to your wheelie bin and allows you to open the lid simply by pressing the pedal with your foot.

Supply and installation of foot pedals $25.00