Your home is your castle. There is nothing more important than your family.  You put all the things you don’t want into your bins then keep them just near the back door…
So it makes sense to ensure your bins are clean, safe, looking tidy and smelling nice!

Bin cleaning is affordable and enables you to have the peace of mind that your bins are clean and safe without spending time and effort or worrying about waste water entering the storm water system.

We Clean Bins have a range of cleaning schedules and payment options to offer bin cleaning to residential applications – private homes, tourist facilities, retirement homes, strata tile properties and more.  We’ll also place a sticker to the front of your bin which includes your address, so your bin should never get lost again!

We Clean Bins can clean any combination of Recycle (yellow lid), Organic (green lid) or General waste (red lid) bins.


Foot Operated Lid Lifter

Have you ever had both arms full and needed to open the wheelie bin lid? Now you can!
This bin accessory attaches to your wheelie bin and allows you to open the lid simply by pressing the pedal with your foot.

Supply and installation of foot pedals $25.00